Shocking Tips to Electrosex Stimulation

Most people have played with some kind of vibrator. Do you remember the first time you applied one (or had one applied) to your genitals? Felt pretty good didn’t it? At the least, it was something new and different. Electrostimulation is a lot like that only even more unique. It’s a wonderful way to add some new fun to your sex life. The proper electric current causes both the stimulation of nerve endings and involuntary muscle stimulation. Both of these effects can be combined for a very erotic experience. Some people also use electrostimulation for S&M play. It’s an excellent way to explore the pleasure/pain boundary without the usual risks of damage or lasting pain to the body. It can be precisely controlled and when it’s over, the one submitting to the stimulation is none the worse for the experience (something that cannot be said for most kinds of S&M play).

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Fan Question: Since I started using an hitachi, it’s harder for me to achieve orgasm by manual stimulation. It’s embarrassing sometimes when I can’t orgasm for my Dom even though He’s doing all the right things. Thoughts?

Also, could you discuss the topic of squirting??

Answer: It sounds like you’ve desensitized and I would suggest to reduce use of toys until you regain some sensitivity to that area. Since the Hitachi was designed for muscles and not sexual stimulation you have to use the product in that matter with caution.