Male Abuse Resources



“Would you have any suggestions for therapy for a male submissive that was involved in an abusive relationship? He can’t afford therapy and there are no sliding scale kink aware therapists in his area. Just wondering if you might know of any online resources.”

Check out our sister page: The Safe Submissive There are several of resources on that page as well as on our website under Abuse Resources:




Pregnancy & BDSM



Written by Delilah Night. Republished with exclusive permission.

This is an article I wrote to address an absence of information surrounding the topic of Pregnant BDSM.  I was approximately 8 weeks from finishing my first successful pregnancy, and when I choose to become pregnant again, I hope that I’m in a position to revise and edit this further.

This was an article that was challenging to write.  I am not an expert, nor am I pro domme, a doctor, a midwife, or anything other than a kinky woman who while pregnant wanted to safely continue practicing BDSM.  I searched the web for advice as to what was safe at which point in the pregnancy and found a vacuum, rather than solid advice.  Due to that dearth of information, I decided to present my findings and my experiences for public consumption.

I got my information through exhaustive querying of the internet, doctors, nurses, EMT’s, Kinksters who are also parents that I met at lifestyle events, pro-dommes, presenters at Dark Odyssey 2008 and Floating World 2008, and anyone who I thought might know anything about the topic.  I made a lot of people embarrassed, but slowly I gained information, found practices that I felt safe engaging in, some new practices to try, and met a lot of cool people (and squicked a few people as well).


This is by no means a comprehensive discussion and you should do research on your own and discuss with your partner what boundaries and lines YOU are comfortable with.  I am not a medical professional, and I take no responsibility or liability for results of activities discussed herein.

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Pearl Harness Rope Bondage Tutorial

Click on photos to see a larger version for easier reading.PearlHarnessWristCuffs tumblr_mpqk6d4boD1s0l7boo2_1280pizap.com138635310469111tumblr_mpqk6d4boD1s0l7boo4_1280tumblr_mpqk6d4boD1s0l7boo5_1280

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How Do You Play?

!!!!!If you have been in the lifestyle for any amount of time, even for those of you who are really new, I’m willing to bet that you’ve heard of SSC. If you’ve been around the lifestyle a little longer, then you’ve probably also heard of RACK. Two practices that you probably haven’t heard of(I hadn’t heard of them until a month or so ago! It could be that I’m just behind the times!)is PRICK and the other one, is CCC. If you ask me, that’s A LOT of letters to remember! There tends to be confusion with the more acronyms there becomes, especially if they’re ones that people haven’t heard of before. So, I’m going to help straighten it out for everyone.

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Hog Tie Rope Bondage Tutorial

You’ll need 50’ of rope, or two 30’ pieces if you start the wrist binding with a new rope.

This is a really nice full body restraint that can be adjusted depending how firmly you cinch the hands and feet together.

Click on photos to see a larger version for easier reading.


HogTie2 HogTie3 HogTie4 HogTie5 HogTie6 HogTie7

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BDSM Basics: Three Steps to The Care and Keeping of a Frequently Spanked Bottom

Written by Alex Reynolds

Alex in Spankingland

Alex in Spankingland

I don’t know if you guys have noticed this or not, but I get spanked a lot. I almost always get a spanking at bedtime, and more often than not, I find myself getting some sort of impromptu spanking in addition to that.

The other day, one of my friends asked me how I manage to keep my butt from falling off when I get spanked so damn much (and often, so damn hard). It’s a challenge, I will tell you! When I first moved in with Malignus and I was adapting to getting spanked so often, plus my skin was outraged at the change in climate and this “winter” thing that was happening, I had some problems with weird, hard, dried out skin on my bottom and thighs. Over the past couple of months, though, I’ve perfected my butt-skincare regime, which I will now share with all of you! I’ve written this in the form of instructions, but I certainly don’t think that I’m the shining beacon of right in the black night of wrongness. I’m very open to suggestion, or to being ignored entirely. 😛

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BDSM Basics: Impact Play Safe Zones and Spanking Tips



Green = Safe Zones

Yellow = risk zones

Use caution when directly hitting these area or how frequently you hit these areas.

Red = Danger areas

Avoid direct hits to these areas.

Purple circles = Critical Areas

In no event shall these areas receive direct blows or sustain any direct or prolonged pressure. These areas are key to blood circulation, nervous or major joints.

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Hip Harness Rope Bondage Tutorial

You’ll just need 30’ of rope for this one. It’s a versatile little rig that gives you extra grip during play (while allowing full mobility & access), and is quite a bit of fun to have tied on.

Click on photos to see a larger version for easier reading.






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Am I Kinky Enough? (Your Kink Is Not My Kink and That’s Okay)

img-thingOver the past 18+ months ASI has helped hundreds, if not thousands, of people discover who they are within the bondage community. We get many different degrees of “kinky” people that contact us with questions regarding their specific kinks and that gives me the wonderful opportunity to expand my knowledge on lesser known fetishes and bondage practices. It’s a great experience to be able to look at something and say “Hey, it’s interesting that someone finds that attractive, but I don’t think it’s for me.”

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