Anal Advice: Prostate Play

ASI received a fan question from a male who seemed ashamed to ask his female partner to repeat a few anal tricks on him and he wasn’t sure how to approach it with her in the future. I can definitely understand where he was coming from, but I also felt kind of bad. It is extremely unfortunate that in our society prostate and male anal play is seen with such a negative stereotype and it’s seen that way because of the stigma that surrounds being a homosexual male. As someone who fully supports trans* and gay rights, it makes me extremely sad to see this unfair stigma effecting what should be a very healthy sexual activity between consenting adults. Continue reading


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Fan Question: Since I started using an hitachi, it’s harder for me to achieve orgasm by manual stimulation. It’s embarrassing sometimes when I can’t orgasm for my Dom even though He’s doing all the right things. Thoughts?

Also, could you discuss the topic of squirting??

Answer: It sounds like you’ve desensitized and I would suggest to reduce use of toys until you regain some sensitivity to that area. Since the Hitachi was designed for muscles and not sexual stimulation you have to use the product in that matter with caution.