Subspace & After Care

During mentoring sessions with new or less-experienced Dommes, when I mention subspace, the reply I often get is, “What is that?”The subspace and aftercare are topics that tops playing in SL are often unaware of. To ensure everyone is safe and happy, however, Dommes need to have a working knowledge of what subspace is, what causes it, how to identify if a sub is in subspace when playing and how to spot the signs of sub-drop. 

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BDSM Basics: BDSM Roles and Relationships

One common thing I’ve seen, especially in beginners, but sometimes with the seasoned players as well, is a confusion among the BDSM roles or labels and what their responsibilities are.. and unfortunately I wasn’t able to find a comprehensive guide anywhere either. Below I’ve compiled just a few of the terms generally used to refer to different roles in the BDSM community.

By Jessica Cocker

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