Prisoner Cuffs Bondage Tutorial

These work on the arms or legs, so long as you have enough rope (about 30’).

Click on photos to see a larger version for easier reading.

PrisonerCuffs2 PrisonerCuffs3


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Dirty Devil Lingerie Cuffs and Collar Review

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Jessica reviews a set of two-tone leather cuffs and a purple leather collar from Dirty Devil Lingerie!

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BDSM Basics: Tools of the Trade (BDSM Tools and Toys)

Beginning in BDSM can be a daunting adventure. With so many weapons (hehe) to choose from, and in so many different designs, how do you know what to choose? Or how to use them? This simple (and no where near complete) list of tools and toys are just a small selection of commonly seen bondage items to keep around.


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