Membership Access

What is the Membership Subscription?

The member-only subscription allows you to have FULL access to all the features on the website that are not available to our free users.

What is the money used for?
The money raised goes towards supporting this website. It also helps pay for advertising, event fees and future promotions. You can also Donate, without purchasing a subscription, using the button at the bottom of the page.

Why should I buy the subscription when I can already see the website?
It is fine if you want to use the website for free and browse our educational materials (that is what ASI was created for), but without the subscription you will not be able to access all the features of the website The features you will get with the subscription will make the website experience more fulfilling, but definitely are not necessary to enjoy the page and forum content.

What are these “special features” you keep mentioning?
The special features include, but are not limited to:

Additional features will be added as the website grows.

What are the subscription billing options?

First, you have the option of checking out the special features for a one week trial of $3.00! You can’t beat that. Check everything out and then decide if a larger subscription would work for you. The longer time-frame you purchase, the better deal you get!

Select one of the options below to purchase a subscription.

If you are interested in contributing more than the subscription amount you can also Donate to ASI. If you only donate, it will not get you access to the special features, but will help us maintain the website and provide more for our users.


*A monthly subscription is required to register for seminars and tutorials and a yearly subscription is required for registration to our annual event.

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