The Staff

Admin and Moderators:
Jessica: Click here to view her author page.
Jessica is the CEO, head admin and author at ASI. She is in her mid-twenties and lives in Missouri with her Daddy and their three little monsters. Jessica and her Daddy have been together for 8 years and have been practicing BDSM at different degrees throughout their relationship. She is a former education student with a passion for sharing information and learning new things. Her favorite color is purple, she enjoys baking weird cupcakes, playing on her PS3 and is obsessed with zombies.

Also known as “Princess”, Audri is a 30 year old admin for the ASI page and a sub. Audri does in home healthcare for mentally handicapped adults and is also in the U.S. Military. She is currently in school to become a nurse and is obsessed with tattoos, heels, and guns. She is a girlie-girl but enjoys getting dirty.

Lilly is a babygirl switch and helps admin our Facebook group.

Rose Petal is a stay at home blogging, couponing Mom who generally sees herself as a bedroom submissive/bottom, although she h has been known to switch depending on her moods. She enjoys learning about all aspects of the BDSM lifestyle together with her wonderful husband of 5 years. She had been exploring the lifestyle since her teens and hopes to make it a life long experience.

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