Male Abuse Resources



“Would you have any suggestions for therapy for a male submissive that was involved in an abusive relationship? He can’t afford therapy and there are no sliding scale kink aware therapists in his area. Just wondering if you might know of any online resources.”

Check out our sister page: The Safe Submissive There are several of resources on that page as well as on our website under Abuse Resources:




Coin Basket Harness Rope Bondage Tutorial

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Coin Basket Harness Tutorial by Fetish Weekly Coin Basket Harness Tutorial by Fetish Weekly CoinBasketHarness7 Coin Basket Harness Tutorial by Fetish Weekly Coin Basket Harness Tutorial by Fetish Weekly Coin Basket Harness Tutorial by Fetish Weekly

Photo tutorials used with exclusive permissions from Fetish Weekly.

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Watch a video on how to tie the Coin Knot here.

Watch a video on how to tie the Basket Knot here.

Knot Knormal Rope Review



When Knot Knormal told me about their rope they first mentioned their single and double ply jute rope and finished off by casually referencing their “sadistic” coir (coconut) rope. It was something I hadn’t tried out yet, so I was intrigued and jumped on board! Continue reading

Pregnancy & BDSM



Written by Delilah Night. Republished with exclusive permission.

This is an article I wrote to address an absence of information surrounding the topic of Pregnant BDSM.  I was approximately 8 weeks from finishing my first successful pregnancy, and when I choose to become pregnant again, I hope that I’m in a position to revise and edit this further.

This was an article that was challenging to write.  I am not an expert, nor am I pro domme, a doctor, a midwife, or anything other than a kinky woman who while pregnant wanted to safely continue practicing BDSM.  I searched the web for advice as to what was safe at which point in the pregnancy and found a vacuum, rather than solid advice.  Due to that dearth of information, I decided to present my findings and my experiences for public consumption.

I got my information through exhaustive querying of the internet, doctors, nurses, EMT’s, Kinksters who are also parents that I met at lifestyle events, pro-dommes, presenters at Dark Odyssey 2008 and Floating World 2008, and anyone who I thought might know anything about the topic.  I made a lot of people embarrassed, but slowly I gained information, found practices that I felt safe engaging in, some new practices to try, and met a lot of cool people (and squicked a few people as well).


This is by no means a comprehensive discussion and you should do research on your own and discuss with your partner what boundaries and lines YOU are comfortable with.  I am not a medical professional, and I take no responsibility or liability for results of activities discussed herein.

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Public BDSM Titles


“My S.O. and I have been experimenting with light BDSM (Dom/sub, and light bondage), and have really been enjoying it. What are some nicknames/titles we can use that won’t come across as inappropriate or alarming outside of the bedroom. We would like to maintain our Dom/sub roles in our daily lives, without making others uncomfortable. We have even found a collar for me that looks like a necklace. Thank you.”

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BDSM Educational Books?



Fan Question:

“Please if there is any books that you would be able to suggest i think it could help me a lot I have been slowly learning to deal with it more because i do have some one i truly love beside me but i’ve had a little trouble explaining some of these parts of my brain place.”

Hi, we have a great list of books with links on our website!

BDSM Basics: BDSM & Hypnosis 101

BDSM & Hypnosis


Recently, hypnosis as a form of play is becoming more popular in the Dutch BDSM-scene. Although it’s still concentrated in small circles, in other countries it is a much more well known kink. But there are a lot of misconceptions going around about hypnosis. Some people just don’t see the link to BDSM, others have expectations of it that could never be met. Still others see it as scary, or even dangerous (bollocks!). In this article I’d like to present my ideas on combining BDSM and hypnosis and to explain a bit about hypnosis. The article is meant as an introduction, not a study-guide.

To start with a popular misconception: Hypnosis is not a magic tool to force someone to do whatever you want. Stage shows, and shows like those of Derren Brown, might make you believe differently, but those shows usually start with a careful selection of participants. But: with a willing partner you can certainly achieve magical results!

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BDSM Basics: What is a Collar and What Does it Mean?

Different Kinds of Collar and Their Meanings

A collar is well-known symbol within the BDSM community, but it seems that more and more often I’m seeing newcomers use the collar as simply another fetish accessory. They are unaware of the intense symbolism behind the collar, what it means, why it’s worn and why it shouldn’t be used as a prop.

For me, a collar is as significant as a wedding ring and although my collar is not locked I never remove it without permission from my Dom. Depending on the type of collar you have, what it’s made of and what the symbolism behind its gifting to you, you may wear it only during certain times or even have it replaced. Remember, that a collar’s meaning will be specific to only you and your partner. The rules you set in place for you will be unique to your relationship.

There are many different types of collars and you may choose to use many of them or only one of them.

Collar of Consideration: Usually given at the beginning of a potential new relationship for an agreed amount of time. At the end of that time, partners decide to either extend the time, take their relationship to the next level or move on from each other.

Collar of Training: This is usually the collar given after the Collar of Consideration. This collar represents that the relationship is evolving and is sometimes referred to as the “engagement ring” equivalent. The relationship is usually more serious and a contract is generally agreed upon before this collar is accepted.

Formal Collar or Collar of Ownership: Given as a sign of commitment to each other, similar to a wedding ring. This collar is the highest value and should be treated with respect and should not be given without serious thought. This collar is usually present in a collaring ceremony.

Collar of Protection: Given to a submissive when protection is needed due to a failed or abusive relationship or outside danger from another. The collar is noted with the Dominant’s initials and a small “p”. This collar allows the submissive safety. Usually this submissive is not approachable by another Dominant without the permission of the protecting Dominant.

Play Collar: Collar worn during a scene. This is usually a functional collar with a D-ring or other functional qualities.

Public Collar: Worn in a vanilla setting in place of other collar. This may not necessarily be an actual collar, but could be a piece of jewelry or other item of symbolism.

Slave Collar: This collar is usually a permanent collar given to a slave. These collars may never be removed or removed only by their Master.


No matter which collar you wear, remember what it represents and treat it with respect. Never neglect or dismiss your collar!