About Us

A Submissive’s Initiative is an educational BDSM community that was first started by Jessica in August of 2012. She started the original Facebook fan page as a way to chronicle her journey from a vanilla life to a 24/7 submissive. It quickly became clear that the average BDSM curious person was in desperate need of an easy, fun and practical educational BDSM resource. In less than 6 months the Facebook page grew to 10,000+ fans, but, unfortunately, Facebook was not an ideal setting for BDSM material. In January 2013 decided it was time to move her resources to a more open and inviting setting, and thus the ASI website was born.

Of course, the ASI fan page and group would not have been possible without the wonderful help and devotion of our staff. They have spent countless hours deleting, discussing and posting to make ASI more than Jessica had ever envisioned.

The goal of A Submissive’s Initiative is to make BDSM approachable, understandable and fun through practical daily advice, accessible educational resources and a warm, family-style atmosphere.

This page posts adult material, including sexual educational links and photos. We also post educational BDSM related videos, reviews and other material. You will not find pornographic material or any personal ads on the website or in the forum.

This website is a safe haven for any current lifestylers or those just curious about BDSM. We cover ALL aspects of the lifestyle including pet play, daddy/littles, dominance, beginner and advanced toys and lifestyle issues.

Advice Disclaimer:
Please remember, our authors are not experts. Each question is answered to the best of our ability based on personal experiences in the lifestyle, independent research and conversations with others in similar circumstances.

Each answer is to be taken only as a suggestion, not as a solution, and is specific to that situation. Our answers  and articles should not necessarily be applied to all relationships, dynamics or other situations, though we do believe by sharing each question and answer post others may relate to certain aspects and use the given information as they see fit.

We do not suggest that our writings be taken as rules, but simply as guides.

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