Knot Knormal Rope Review



When Knot Knormal told me about their rope they first mentioned their single and double ply jute rope and finished off by casually referencing their “sadistic” coir (coconut) rope. It was something I hadn’t tried out yet, so I was intrigued and jumped on board!

About the Company:

Knot Knormal is operated from Texas, where they import yarn and fiber from overseas to make small batches, one rope at a time!

Product Info:

“I have two kinds of jute rope, and are categorized by the yarn from which they’re spun. First is my double-ply jute which is a very stable rope and of high quality – you can use it every day with little to no maintenance ever required. Next, my single-ply jute uses a very fine yarn, and is similar quality to the best Japanese rope, but because of the single-ply yarn, can require maintenance to keep in top form…..I also make a coir/coconut rope which is very scratchy for specific use..”


Single-Ply Jute Rope– $12
Premium Coir/Coconut Rope -$15

Single-Ply Jute and Coconut Rope by Knot Knormal

Single-Ply Rope (Left) next to the Coir Rope (right)

Product Reviews:

KK sent me a small sample of their single-ply rope, which we ended up giving away in our Tumblr giveaway, and a 30′ sample of their coconut rope. Receiving rope in the mail is like Christmas! But it was four months later before I was able to open the package again. A few weeks after I received the rope I unexpectedly had a c-section and things were very hectic in my household until recently. I finally felt up to playing around with a few toys Daddy and I had picked up in those months and KK’s coconut rope was definitely at the top of my “must-try” list.

Coconut Rope by Knot Knormal

Coconut Rope

Coconut Rope by Knot Knormal

Close Up of Coconut Rope

The coconut rope, although it has a tight lay, has tiny coir fibers that stick out and “jab” at your skin. This is not a suspension rope but it is so much fun! I did a quick pearl harness tie with the rope, which I referenced from our mobile site while sitting in bed. While tying it I obviously felt it scratching against my chest but it wasn’t until the tie was completed that I got the full effect. The sensation of all those tiny little fibers pinning up against me and scratching as a I moved was AMAZING. I love the gently gnawing of numbing pain that builds me up into subspace (or orgasm, whichever comes first) and this rope was like a touch from god.

Single-Ply Jute Rope by Knot Knormal

Single-Ply Jute Rope

Single-Ply Jute Rope by Knot Knormal

Single-Ply Jute Rope


I didn’t leave the coconut rope on too long, because I was also trying to keep in mind what to reference for this article. After I removed the tie my chest was covered in red marks and my skin was sensitive to touch, which is a plus in my book. I decided to check out their single-ply rope right after and the difference between the two ropes is amazing. Their single-ply rope is very soft compared to any other jute rope I’ve used. In fact, this rope is as soft as some silk ropes I’ve used, but of a much higher quality! I only had a short amount so I just did a simple wrist tie. The rope is surprisingly easy to work with and ties hold up very nicely! I can see why this rope has caught on for suspension ties, its durability and soft touch would make suspension a wonderful experience.


Knot Knormal will be ASI’s future source for rope. End of Story.


Knot Knormal’s Website
Knot Knormal’s Facebook


Extra Info:

KK does not have any dyed rope listed but they do a wonderful job matching colors or making custom sets. Email them for more info!

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