BDSM Educational Books?



Fan Question:

“Please if there is any books that you would be able to suggest i think it could help me a lot I have been slowly learning to deal with it more because i do have some one i truly love beside me but i’ve had a little trouble explaining some of these parts of my brain place.”

Hi, we have a great list of books with links on our website!

BDSM Basics: BDSM & Hypnosis 101

BDSM & Hypnosis


Recently, hypnosis as a form of play is becoming more popular in the Dutch BDSM-scene. Although it’s still concentrated in small circles, in other countries it is a much more well known kink. But there are a lot of misconceptions going around about hypnosis. Some people just don’t see the link to BDSM, others have expectations of it that could never be met. Still others see it as scary, or even dangerous (bollocks!). In this article I’d like to present my ideas on combining BDSM and hypnosis and to explain a bit about hypnosis. The article is meant as an introduction, not a study-guide.

To start with a popular misconception: Hypnosis is not a magic tool to force someone to do whatever you want. Stage shows, and shows like those of Derren Brown, might make you believe differently, but those shows usually start with a careful selection of participants. But: with a willing partner you can certainly achieve magical results!

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