What Makes You A Daddy Dom?

Our Windy Meadoes by Laura Makabresku

Our Windy Meadoes by Laura Makabresku

Written by http://notsogrowedup.wordpress.com

When it comes to Daddy Dom/little girl relationships, it takes two very unique and specific types of people to make the relationship work. It is not enough simply to be a dominant or a submissive, you need to be more than that to fulfill the roles of either a Daddy Dom or a little. i have already talked about what makes you a little in my post How Do You Know if You are a Little and now it is on to the other half of the relationship, the Daddy Dom.

He Is A Dominant:

Daddy Doms are dominant men, there is no mistaking that. Some ignorant people may mistake him for a weaker or lesser Dominant because of his nurturing and caring nature. THIS IS NOT TRUE! He is just as much a Dominant as the man who shows his submissive or slave no mercy. How much of a Dominant you are is not measured in your ability to hurt, to ‘force’ your submissive or your mercilessness. It is also not measured in your selfishness, how much you whip your sub or how big you talk. How dominant you are is measured in your ability to effortlessly control your sub and command respect.

Being dominant by using brute physical force or mental and emotional abuse is not being dominant at all, it is being a BULLY and bullies can never measure up to the power of a True Dominant.

pizap.com13883312653571He Is Nurturing, Kind, Caring…And Affectionate

An essential prerequisite of Daddy Doms is a natural nurturing instinct, the desire to care for your little, bring her on in whatever she desires and gently mold her into the best little you believe she can be. Daddy Doms want to help their littles develop and grow in whatever area they need help with, whether it be furthering her career, learning new skills or becoming a better submissive.

Daddy Doms are kind. i have come across some Dominants who simply want someone to use and abuse with no regard for their submissive and no mercy. Daddy Doms are kind and gentle but that’s not to say that they aren’t strict. Daddy Doms rule over their submissive littles with an iron fist in a velvet glove, so to speak. They are as strict as any other type of Dominant but the way they go about enforcing their rules is often kinder and gentler. However, that’s not to say that a Daddy Dom is a pushover, beware the little that tries to manipulate or disobeys her Dominant because punishment will follow.

He is cares deeply for his little, she is precious to him and he will do all he can for her. Daddy Doms care about their submissive’s well being, happiness and not only their own pleasure – unlike other Dominants who can be more focused on their own personal pleasure than what is in their sub’s best interest. (not to say that all Dominants who are not Daddy Doms disregard their  sub’s best interest in lieu of their personal pleasure).

It is often commonly assumed that other types of Doms are kind of distant and not affectionate. Whether this is true or not, i don’t know but that is certainly not true of Daddy Doms, He is not afraid that showing affection for his little will somehow emasculate him and he understands that she needs to be loved and shown affection. Whether it’s hugs and cuddles in bed over cartoons on a weekend, ruffling her hair and telling her she did well or passionate embraces and hot kisses, littles need affection and lots of it and he understands this and gives it to her.

Daddy Doms Are (Often) Playful

He has to have a playful side in order to keep up with his little and her antics, similar to the way parents have to have the energy and playfulness to entertain and keep up with their kids. Your little may enjoy things like colouring, cartoons, various games, puzzles etc and a Daddy Dom needs to have the time, energy and enthusiasm to enjoy her little pleasures with her from time to time.


He Is Understanding

One thing that Daddy Dom’s must be is understanding. Littles are often very complex and he needs to understand her through and through, her moods, desires, how she copes with the world and when/why she doesn’t. He needs to understand why she fails when she does and how to help her, encourage her and mould her into his perfect little. Without a proper understanding of her, he can do more harm than good.

He May Be Sadistic

Just because Daddy Doms are caring, gentle and affectionate does not mean that he cannot be a sadist who enjoys inflicting pain on his little. Spankings are a favourite for Daddy Doms and their littles but, depending on the type of individuals they are, other aspects of BDSM may be an integral part of the relationship.

Bottom line is that Daddy Doms are amazing and make great Daddies and good Doms and just because they do it differently to the generally accepted norm doesn’t make them any less masculine or dominant. I hope you enjoyed and if there is anything that you can think of that i left out, leave a comment.

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