What Makes You A Daddy Dom?

Our Windy Meadoes by Laura Makabresku

Our Windy Meadoes by Laura Makabresku

Written by http://notsogrowedup.wordpress.com

When it comes to Daddy Dom/little girl relationships, it takes two very unique and specific types of people to make the relationship work. It is not enough simply to be a dominant or a submissive, you need to be more than that to fulfill the roles of either a Daddy Dom or a little. i have already talked about what makes you a little in my post How Do You Know if You are a Little and now it is on to the other half of the relationship, the Daddy Dom.

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Multiple Submissives

Fan Question:“Can a master have more than one sub? Or is this just some thing that is frowned upon in the bdsm world ?”There are many Masters that have more than one sub. And also who have subs in varying stages. From consideration, subs in training, full time subs, long distance subs, all the way up to slaves. Some Masters have sexual connotations with all of their subs. Others are only sexual with certain subs. Its definitely not anything frowned upon as long as all of it is honest safe and consensual.

BDSM and How to Bring it to Life in your Vanilla Marriage


BDSM and D/s relationships have been in existence for as long as there have been relationships! In fact, back in the 1950s it wasn’t uncommon to see ads depicting husbands spanking their wives over their laps. Of course over time, images and even the prospect of these acts happening in the home were deemed sexist and demeaning. Couples living the lifestyle went into hiding for fear of being seen as deviant and possibly locked up for such reasons.

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6 Ways to Ruin Your Submissive

Image courtesy of anankkml/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of anankkml/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

By The Artful Dominant

A submissive doesn’t come with an instruction manual and there’s no such thing as a perfect dominant. You can read every lifestyle book you can get your hands on, talk to other Doms, and attend lifestyle workshops.  Yet you can still be left with a nagging feeling that you don’t always get it exactly right.

Perhaps you know lots of the DOs when it comes to the training and care of a submissive but have you ever wished you had a list of the DON’Ts? Even if you think you’re doing your best, sometimes it might not be enough. Take a look at this list of six sure-fire ways to spoil your submissive.

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Ten Great BDSM Gift Ideas

Purchasing a gift for a significant other can be a difficult task, so we’re here to make it a little easier for you! Check out these ten great BDSM gift ideas for your partner.


Custom wooden gifts from BDSMCrafts.com. Above is a beautiful pegged dungeon gear organizer in style #4 with name & eyes, 60″ in clear finished oak and costs $89.00 (other styles available, prices vary)

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Pearl Harness Rope Bondage Tutorial

Click on photos to see a larger version for easier reading.PearlHarnessWristCuffs tumblr_mpqk6d4boD1s0l7boo2_1280pizap.com138635310469111tumblr_mpqk6d4boD1s0l7boo4_1280tumblr_mpqk6d4boD1s0l7boo5_1280

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Encouraging Dominance Outside the Bedroom

pizap.com13883508209452Fan Question

“How do I get my SO of 5 years to be more dominant OUTSIDE of the bedroom? He is amazing behind closed doors, but that is it. I don’t know if I should do less for him, like maybe leave the house a bit of a mess once in awhile, but I need more from him in everyday life.”

IMO, intentionally disobeying or being bratty is never a good idea. You are better off openly discussing your issues and communicating with your partner about your desire for them to be more dominating outside the bedroom. However, I want to warn you that not all people are comfortable with transitioning the D/s aspect outside of the bedroom. You will have to talk with them and maybe come up with a few suggestions for things you can do daily as a submissive and that he can do as a Dominant.