Love Bites Gloves Product Review


I first saw the Love Bite Gloves posted randomly in a group and I was thrilled to see that Serene was accepting reviews, so, of course, I emailed her and in a few weeks I had my own set of Love Bite Gloves! I tried them out right away and had to show my mom, who didn’t care for the feel, and my sister, who though I was weird, but I just LOVED them! Of course, that was at a first glance so I had to do some testing and inspection for all of you! đŸ™‚

About the Company:

Love Bite Gloves is operated by Mistress Serene, a self-proclaimed “Erotic Intelligence Coach” and professional Domme. You can read more about Serene on her website!

Product Info:

“Love Bites Vampire Gloves are studded with hundreds of tiny spikes in the fingers and palm. They are soft on one side and gently bite on the other.   This will quickly become your favorite toy in the toy bag because

  • 100% Washable and Reusable (you cannot disinfect the leather ones)
  • Great tool for electro stimulation
  • Hand made and assembled in the U.S.
  • Made with anti-microbal Brass studs
  • 100% Vegan
  • Great price starting at $20.00 a pair!
  • We donate a % of sales to sex positive charities!”


Black Chenille XL Gloves– $19.99
Basic Knit in Red- $24.50

Product Reviews:

Serene sent me two pairs of gloves, one black XL Chenille and one basic knit in red. Both pairs look like regular gloves but the second you move them across your skin you know they are something special! The feeling is remarkable. If I could get away with wearing these all the time, I would.. no joke. I would rub them all over myself constantly. Ok, so that’s a bit much, but that is how much I am in love with the way they feel.

Despite the euphoric result from their devil magic, I still had to take a close look and test them out. One thing I immediately noticed was that these are pretty much winter gloves with studs in them, but even with their simple design they are worth the money. The studs are placed in the gloves evenly throughout the palm AND fingers (which makes grabbing body parts awesome!). Each glove has about 100 spikes in them, so in a pair you get just over 200 tiny little spikes you can manipulate with your hands.

I did have to be careful pulling them off though. Even though each stud is hot glued onto the inside of the glove, I could tell that the spikes were pulling away from the material when it was stretched. They didn’t move around too much or pull completely away, but I just felt better being gentle while removing them by pulling at each finger instead.

I decided to also test out Serene’s claim that I could throw these in the washer. I took the smaller pair that didn’t fit Daddy as well and put them straight into a lingerie bag and tossed them in with our next load of laundry. I decided to go ahead and put them in the dryer as well to see if they could withstand the heat. I was pleasantly surprised at how well they held up. When I did this experiment, I hadn’t seen her video “Leather VS Love Bites” where she says to turn them inside out.. so I didn’t do that. The exposed glue on the studs stuck to the inside of the glove a little bit, most likely due to their trip through the dryer, but not too much that I couldn’t easily put the gloves back on. Other than that, I saw no significant changes and was pleased with their new fabric softener smell. đŸ™‚

As far as fit goes, the basic knit pair would be well suited for a woman’s hands and the black Chenille pair were perfect for my Daddy. I do hope they add a few more larger and/or masculine pairs to the website, but since she is a coach for female-led relationships I understand why she hasn’t yet. Both pairs have a good amount of stretch to them, so measurements would depend on how tight you like your gloves to fit. In my opinion, the red pair are a bit too small for me and my hands are 7.25″ from the bottom of my palm to the tip of my middle finger.


Overall, I am pretty happy with the Love Bites. I have a feeling that the studs may come out with extended, heavy use, but if you take care of them properly and aren’t rough with them, then they should last you quite awhile. I think the time that Serene puts into making each glove and the convenience factor of having washable studded gloves definitely make these a must-have for your toy bag.


Love Bite Gloves Website
Serene Sin’s Website
Serene Sin on Facebook

You can win the Basic Knit pair in Red in our Tumblr giveaway!

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