Shin-Ju Tutorial (Chest Harness / Rope Bra)

by MorTis

A Shinju is a basic chest harness, will support the breasts and can be used as a harness to be tied off to an object, there are literally hundreds of way to make a chest harness, and below I am going to show the way I do them, and a couple variant’s to that.

Needed: 1 Victim with a chest, 40 of rope.

Step 1: Find the center of your rope, fold it and create a bight.

Step 2: Your going to place the bight near the center of the back, an inch or so off the spine and wrap the rope horizontally around the body, across the bottom of the breasts and back around to the bight in the back.

Step 3: Pull the tails through the bight to create a larks head. (This is going to make the bottom of the bottom band)

Step 4: Pull the rope snugly and make sure is up against the bottom of the chest, and wrap the rope around right above the last band of rope back around to the larks head created before. (This will be the top of the bottom and will push up and lift the chest a little.)

Step 5: Pull the tails through the last larks head you made to create a 2nd larks head.

Step 6: Pull the rope snug, and wrap around the body in the opposite directions, this time on time of the chest, back around to the larks heads (this will make the top of the top band)

Step 7: Pull the tails snugly through the 3rd larks head you created, to make the last of the bands. Fold the rope and go back around, to make the bottom of the top band. And end up at all the series of larks heads on the back.

Step 8: For beginners I suggest you create a half hitch or square knot here to tie off the banding part of the shin-ju. For more advanced you can just pull the tails through one of the larks heads, which I usually pick the lowest one, to help support the chest harness up higher, and pull the tails through snugly.

Step 9. Take the tails up and over one shoulder, and down between the breasts to make a strap. Pull the tails under both the upper and lower bands of rope. If the tails are not long enough to complete this, see Alternative 1 below.

Step 10: Take the tails up the front of the lower band, and twist the rope 1 or 2 times around the strap coming down and up on the outside of the upper band and up and over the opposite shoulder.

Step 11: bring the tails down to the series of larks heads, and loop the tails through one of the larks heads and you can create a half hitch or larks head here to tie it off. Personally I like to fold the rope back up, and create a bar wrap by just twisting the rope around both bra straps till out of rope, and finish it off with a square knot.


Alternative 1: If you do not have enough rope to go down and back up to make the bra straps, you can spilt the two piece of folded rope, and put on over each shoulder, down between the breasts, under both fold and then up and bring the tails behind the straps you just made and tie a square knot to finish it off.

Alternative 2: If doing a bar wrap up the back to finish it off. If a girl has long hair, down to her mid-back or butt. You can do the bar wrap around the strap and the hair all at once to create a hair bondage scenario all at the same time.


HINT 1: The reason that there are bands of rope and you make it so they push up from the bottom and down from the top, with women when you but pressure on the top and bottom of the chest, it makes the nipples more sensitive … thus better for sensation and torture.

HINT 2: After you get the basic concepts down for the chest harness, just be creative and artistic, try new things. As long as you have the 2 bands, and the shoulder straps you have a harness, the rest is just artistic license.


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