Subspace & Domspace Poll Results


We are a community divided! Haha! I did not imagine the results to almost every question in this poll would be nearly split down the middle!

Subspace & Domspace: The Poll

Let me start with the one that was not split. 75% of us have experienced what we would define as “Space”, whether sub or Dom. Makes me feel a little better that I did not experience it for so many years, I have to admit! To the 25% I say, believe me, it can happen when you least expect it!

A whopping 42% of us say we have a special ‘something’ that can be done, or we experience that will send us shooting for the stars immediately! I wish I could say I was in that group, a I have no idea what gets me there, so I guess i’m in the other 58% on that one!

48% of us say we regularly experience some kind of emotional ‘drop’ along with the physical drop that is basically unavoidable due to the body’s chemical and hormonal reactions. I think I might research this further in the future, as I am also interested in the time in between the physical high and the emotional low, so to speak, and how it may differ for everyone. 52% of us say we do not feel any emotional drop associated with  “space’ as it were.

We were also nearly split on the subjective issue of, ‘the higher and longer my trip into space, the harder the drop, or fall after’. 49% of us agreed, and 51% disagreed with that statement. The sky may not be falling after all, haha.

Last but certainly not least, we were evenly split 50/50 on whether or not we thought being able to go into space was an important aspect of being a sub or Dom. I now wonder if the ones who can experience space easily make up most of the 50% who said it was important? Or was it the other way around? I actually like it when getting some answers leads to more questions!

This will definitely be an interesting poll to leave open for a while, as I do like to see how things evolve over time. I appreciate all of you who participated, I greatly enjoy the community aspect of interacting with like minded people, and it’s nice to be able to learn about each other without judgement of one another. I think it’s all part of a very healthy curiosity. Thanks everyone!

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Hello Everyone! I am a stay at home mom of 2 boys, ages 2 and 10. Been married to my awesome husband for 5 years now! We have 3 cats and a huge golden retriever in our family, too. My husband and I have been exploring the world of BDSM almost as long as weve been together, and I started my exploration in my teens, probably when I should've been studying! Its a wonderful part of our lives, and I enjoy each new discovery. In my spare time, (if I have any!) I really like to garden, and watch cheesey singing auditions on youtube, lol. I cook from scratch nearly every night, and do couponing, which not only satisfies my need to be "Suzie Home-maker", it helps fill in the money blanks as well, and doesnt everyone need to save money these days?! I am very much looking forward to contributing here as an author and forum motivator, this site offers so much in the way of education and satisfying the inquiring minds within all of us! I look forward to meeting and interacting with all of you ;)

2 thoughts on “Subspace & Domspace Poll Results

  1. Personally, I could not imagine being able to fake subspace. As with everything else, I’m sure people have done it. Why anyone would want to fake something like that is beyond me! definitely agree with you on the trust and time factors.

  2. Subspace Dom space is like an orgasam in woman can be easily faked because everyone strives to achieve it… it can be achieved but with time and trust x

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