The Price of Pleasure: A Sex Toy Poll


While doing research for ASI’s upcoming projects and affiliations I was disappointed to find that there is little information available on the PRICE we pay for our sexual pleasure.

Personally, I’ve never spent over $100 for a toy.. and the toy that came the closest to that number is probably my favorite. Daddy has purchased cheap toys from “specialty stores”, but they turned out to pretty much be junk, burning out in a few days or just being unable to hit the sweet spot.

However, during my searching, I did find this neat fact sheet from Adam & Eve that states that people spend about $15 BILLION every year on sex toys!



As fascinating as all that information is it still doesn’t answer my main question:

How much is the average person willing to pay for a good quality sex toy?

So I’m asking all of you to participate in what seems like the first study about sex toy prices! We’ll post the poll results after we get enough votes to calculate a substantial answer.

Sex toys include any item that is used to enhance sexual pleasure. This could be a vibrator, sex machine, realistic toy or just a warming lubricant.

[yop_poll id=”9″]


[yop_poll id=”11″]

Click here for info on what Trans* stands for.

[yop_poll id=”12″]


[yop_poll id=”13″]

If your ideal price isn’t listed, please select the next highest amount (so if you’d only spend $250, please select $300).

[yop_poll id=”14″]

What is the least amount you would feel comfortable spending on a sex toy?

2 thoughts on “The Price of Pleasure: A Sex Toy Poll

  1. Yes, I whole-heartedly agree – you get what you pay for. There is a lot of junk out there!
    I just always think – it’s for one of the most beautiful things we do in life, so don’t shy the dollar to make this an even more pleasurable experience!

  2. Love Polls and surveys! I answered number 4 with how much I have already ever spent. As far as how much I would be willing to spend, well, we have been wanting a self-standing swing for some time now, but have not found the one we want yet. We are probably looking to spend upwards of $300 when we do find the one we want. That would indeed then be my most expensive purchase ever if it comes to fuition! 🙂

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