My Dom is Ignoring Me!

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Fan Question:

“I am at the end of my rope and don’t know where to turn now.. I have been with my partner for 3 years now but or relationship seems to be at a standstill if not dissolving. I am a lost slave so to speak.. My partner is a Master however he has never collared me which is causing its own issues for me mentally and emotionally. My problem is that I have tried to express my needs and desires to him in various ways all ending in failure. My latest efforts ended with him calling me an ingrate for disagreeing that it should all be my responsibility to get attention I am craving. I often feel he isn’t interested in me anymore making it hard to dress up for him or even get close to him I feel rejected. I have gone so long without my needs being met that I have become somewhat of a brat which he is blanking for his lack of interest. I just don’t know what to do anymore I feel so lost without having aspects of feeling owned and loved. Any advise could help at this point I really an at my wits end with how to even communicate my needs anymore….”



I’m sorry that you are feeling this way. My advice would be to let him know that you are feeling helpless about his lack attention and that it is something you feel you need in order to continue in this relationship. If he keeps ignoring your attempts without any sort of recognition or compromise, then maybe it’s time to ask for release and find someone who is more attentive and respectful. A proper Dom should be open to listening to his sub/slave. Not that they will always get their way, but communication is a big part of creating a healthy relationship! And it has to go both ways.

2 thoughts on “My Dom is Ignoring Me!

  1. I hesitated to make this point, but I think it is correct so I offer the following. If ‘the kink’ is ‘the relationship’ you have invested too much power in decoration at the expense of real structure. In the heat of the cliché the temperature and the focus appear to be more solid than they actually are. This is a mistake made by humans every single day. The contradiction is that that same heat induces the dominant to make assurances and the submissive to provide open handed commitments that cannot be sustained without commitment. White hot passion (blessed be…) is not and cannot sustain a relationship. The question being asked is as complex as any with respect to relationships. The element of kink introduces another aspect to relationships, a focus. What the kink dynamic does not do is protect the relationship, it does not and cannot create a meaningful relationship. It is an easy mistake to make. There is such power. It feels so right. The magic. The wonderment of the power exchange. Kink, even well executed kink cannot sustain a relationship. I would even suggest that if it is the foundation of a relationship failure is imminent. How do you get Daddy to come back or get mommy back in the box? Love yourself. Expect respect. Know yourself. Give with joy. See the God in one another. Don’t allow others to destroy the love and joy in you. No passion is worth that.

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