Online Relationships and Cheating

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“What are the possibilities of such a relationship working over the internet? Also, both men and women are prone to cheating on internet partners. Seeing you feel so strongly about the mutual respect, trust, “cherish your partner”, all those things mentioned in the one post of yours. Do those “rules” then apply to a virtual relationship as well? I’m totally new to this entire concept….”

What rules apply to a relationship are up to those actively engaged in that relationship. Some people find that online relationships lack a physical aspect and therefore find that it’s entirely appropriate for their partners to seek affection in real life. Others cannot emotionally deal with the idea of their partner being with someone else physically and find that online play is sufficient for both of them. Either way, communication and honesty are key to making an online relationship last. If you are open about your expectations and desires, then you will find a relationship (online or real life) that works for you.

5 thoughts on “Online Relationships and Cheating

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  2. Wildly exciting. The submissive can lean back and relax, taking in the attention and the intent. The dominant can stretch out, play out ideas and suggestions without (!) having to be immediately involved. These are reasons why on-line, texting and never ever take away the telephone. I still think it beats video for some unfathomable reason, but there you go. A better question, a more apropos question is what is with a species that turns every technological bump to prurient purposes. Yikes we are a horny bunch-a-coconuts.

  3. My response to this Q/A has taken awhile to think through. Like most adult issues, this one has tails and segues, implications and a whole lot of grey. Having said that, the answer displayed is terse and true. I would amplify that what passes for a relationship, what passes for marriage has experienced an injection of honesty. There is a thought that BDSM relationships and the power exchange dynamic tends to manifest in extremes. I am talking about the moments of that relationship, rather than day to day. If you actually have a working 24/7 relationship I can only guess what passes for employment, yard work and those pesky kids. In those moments of the relationship where you and your partner(s) are invested in skimming across the surface of the sun there are feelings, there is a logic and a sensibility that changes the world and is correct in ways that are just about unexplainable. Passion is like that. Morality, your personal morality will most often give you trouble and pesk up your world when you fail to enunciate or communicate that world view. If you take the attitude that on-line relationships or private masturbation sessions are not ‘cheating’, I would offer that this can only be true if you have communicated with your partner and gained their acceptance. Here is the point. If you are in a relationship, you are not the only person in the world. Hiding your cum, hiding your thrill, hiding your emotions is like drinking alone. There is no amount of self-actualization BS that can change that. Don’t play with other people’s hearts. If you are a domme, then have the courage and the character to be a domme. A domme is not a dick. A domme is not a psycho-jerkoff that uses people open to the experience. In point of fact what I am saying is that there is a right and wrong. If you want domme power, you have to live up to it. Now let me take a swipe and the sub side of the house. More often than not, in my experience trading neediness in place of real submission is the quickest way to find one of those psycho-jerkoffs. Additionally, it is just as dishonest to need and needle someone into cheating or acting or spending. This is one of the reasons that I find ‘topping from the bottom’ very suspect. Gathering up this disjointed ramble, I end by saying this; cheating is when you are not honest, when you are not clear and when you manipulate rather than cooperate. Find romance in the bonds of honesty and openess, not in some imaginary total and complete, unthinking and unreserved fantasy world. Sorry to pontificate…

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