What is Pet-Play?

Photo from tumblr.com

Pet-Play in this sense, refers to a form of sexual and/or fetish roleplaying as a submissive animal. The person who assumes this pet role derives satisfaction and pleasure adopting the animal’s role into their fantasy-world in fetish scenes. The dominant role, the owner, derives pleasure from ‘owning’ the pet and training it, giving the submissive the pleasure of having his/her’s fantasy facilitated into the transformed state of mind.

There are many common animals that pet-play enthusiasts commonly assume the roles of: dogs, cats, rabbits, pigs birds, ponies and many other pet-animals; the creativity is endless! The mode of dress is as well. You will see people wear simply collars and animal ears, or more elaborately dressed in fetish latex and leather; just simply naked, or in fluffier modes of dress. All of this to enhance the pet’s fantasy of being in the animal role.

However the pet-play featured here is not to be confused with Fursuiters, people simply wearing animal ears for cute fashion and The Furry Community. The pet play here is about assuming a temporary pet-oriented BDSM fantasy and becoming the pet to serve the human master/mistress. Fursuiters and furry art generally is about humans adopting and anthromorphized-animal fantasy self, not about the role as the pet of a significant other. Finally anime-style drawings and what not of people looking cute wearing animals ears will be kept at a minimum; I love looking at such things, but it is a slight deviance from the blog’s focus, so it will be a minimum.

Pet play is similar to human submissiveness and fetish slavery. Most of the focus here will be on animal transformations, but being a human pet will also be featured here. But not human slaves. There is a difference between pet (dehumanizing into a simplistic role) and slave roles (involves more normal-human responsibilities for the person to do as a worker, as servant, not a non-responsible object)

Source: http://pet-play.tumblr.com/about

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