What is a Daddy Dom?

Daddy Dom: (Not to be confused with age play, or Daddy/little play which is its own fetish) A “Daddy” Dom, is a distinct flavor of Top.

By Spanky

He tends to cherish, adore and even in some cases spoil his submissive. While he comes down harshly when needed, it is always done with care and concern to the over all effect upon the sub.

His type of care-taking is less done with his own needs, and normally centers on things the submissive needs for their well being.

Examples of this can be setting bedtimes so they gets proper sleep, observing and making changes to their diet for health reasons, urging or directing them to further education, or in areas of study.

He not only bolsters his sub with his strength, but he grooms them also to be a better person in all areas of their life with a glee that comes from watching a flower bloom.

He is capable of being strict without apology for it, because he understands that this correction is needed for her to understand his sub is cherished and that he cares enough to do such, even if it pains him.

He carries a love for his submissive for -who- they are and for what they will become with his guidance because they are his prized possession, something that he has helped create.

He holds respect for what his sub has given and takes pride and pain in increasing its value, because in this, it was their choice to give that over to him.

Its not a threat when they are better then him at something, or when they even surpass him, for he works hard to get his submissive to achieve something.

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