Tools of the Trade (BDSM Tools and Toys)

Beginning in BDSM can be a daunting adventure. With so many weapons (hehe) to choose from, and in so many different designs, how do you know what to choose? Or how to use them? This simple (and no where near complete) list of tools and toys are just a small selection of commonly seen bondage items to keep around.

By Jessica Cocker


An impact tool made of several strands of fabric (generally leather) and gathered at a handle used to grip it. They can be used lightly or with more force.



An impact tool that is less widely used than the flogger, but still plenty of fun! Generally used in higher force play, the cane is large stick-like tool with a handle that can be made from many different materials (latex, wood, metal, etc). The crop is similar but with a folded or flat piece of fabric on the end for additional impact.



Used to paddle. Has a similar effect as spanking. Paddles range in sizes and can depending on the design can leave pretty little marks.



Cuffs come in many forms, the ones above are padded wrist cuffs, but you can also find ankle cuffs, hand cuffs and chained cuffs. Cuffs can be attached to other toys or to furniture to restrain movement or placement.


Spreader/Suspension Bars

Spreader bars are used to keep your arms or legs a fixed distance apart and are made of a sturdy metal with either attached restraints or hooks to attach restraints. A suspension bar is similar but is hung from the ceiling and used to support someone’s weight while being restrained. 



I’m grouping these together in a clothing-restraint group. The straightjacket and hood (along with sleeves or mittens) are additional pieces of clothing worn to restrain movement or require a person to move in a particular manner. The straightjacket obviously keeps the arms bound and a hood can restrict vision or oral capabilities. Mittens or other pet play clothing require a person to move in a certain animal like manner.


Bondage Rope/Tape

Rope can be used to tie a person to furniture, bind legs or arms together, suspend someone or in other erotic ways. Rope is made of many different materials but I prefer hemp or nylon rope depending on what we plan to do. Tape is used in a more general manner, but can replace binders like cuffs or rope.



Gags are used to restrict oral capacities. This can range from being able to use the mouth entirely (like this ball gag) to still having access (o-ring gags or medical gags).


Electrical Toys


It used to be that if you wanted electrostimulation you would have to break out the medical supplies, but now adult-toy providers have broadened their products to include items like the Cobra Stinger, the Neon Wand and variations of the TENS unit. These items send electrical waves to nearby surfaces, sending amazing sensations to your nerves (however, you are advised to NOT use them below the waist)


Wartenberg Wheel

A spiked wheel used to roll across the skin. Definitely a great feeling, especially when paired with sensory deprivation like a blindfold!


Of course, there are many other tools and toys to use. This is just a short, sweet compilation. Have fun!

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